Fest-noz de la Fête de la Bretagne organisé par BreizhEire, les bretons d’Irlande.

Vidéo de la fête de la Bretagne 2021 en ligne.

Cagnotte du fest-now de la Fête de la Bretagne 2021

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Brittany Day / Gouel Breizh / Fête de la Bretagne 2021


More information about what will happen from 14th to 17th May 2021 , and on 22th May 2021 : FDB2021.

14th to 17th May 2021

22th May 2021

19:30 Irish Time, 20:30 French Time

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Brittany Day / Gouel Breizh / Fête de la Bretagne 2018

Since 2004, the Brittany Society of Ireland, BreizhÉire, organises the Brittany Day in Ireland during the month of May. Like last year, it takes place at The Cobblestone.

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The night starts at 7 pm to finish late and there are nearly six hours of concerts where everybody is invited to dance to the folk music of Brittany, and also from Ireland and France.

That’s what we call the Fest Noz in Brittany. It could be compared to a Céilí in Ireland. It means, the “Night Party” where everybody dances together, by holding hands. It’s very common over there and very easy dancing. The people dance together in groups or in couples, following the different tunes of the singers and musicians on stage.

And… delicious crepes – the traditional food of Brittany, will be made on-site by local Bretons in the adjacent semi-outdoor terrazzo, so even if dancing is not for you – come along and enjoy the music and the food!

Fest Noz
Coming especially from Brittany and Belfast for this night, three bands will play nearly six hours on this famous traditional stage of The Cobblestone. Hup!

Three musicians form this band from Brittany. They are based around Kemper in the south-west. Young musicians, they already have a long experience of concerts and Fest Noz. They played in most of the biggest festival in traditional music (Festival Interceltique of Lorient, Festival Yaouank in Rennes, Festival de Cornouaille in Kemper…)

The energy of the uilleann pipes and flutes, Yeltaz Guerneau, the power of the folk electric guitar, Thibault Niobé, and the groove of the drums, Kentin Julliard, produce a great fusion sound of traditional and rock music. With this unique blend, it is irresistible for people to get up and dance.

Lors Landat and Manon le Querler
It’s a duo of singers coming especially from Brittany. Lors Landat was born in the North of France into a family of musicians and singers. He fell in love with the Breton culture, learnt the Breton language and lives now in Brittany. He has been singing for years in different groups and is one of the most famous traditional singers.

At The Cobblestone, he will sing with the female singer, Manon le Querler. She is from Lorient, South Brittany, and part of the new wave of young traditional singers.

They will sing the Kan Ha Diskan. It is a vocal tradition that means roughly “Call and Response singing”. The style is the most commonly used to accompany dances. It has become perhaps the most integral part of the Breton roots revival, and was the first genre of Breton music to gain some mainstream success, both in Brittany and abroad.

Landat and Le Querler , famous singers of Brittany will be in Dublin the Saturday 26th of May on stage of the concert hall in The Cobblestone Pub, to celebrate the Brittany Day ! Not to miss !

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Bal Feirste
Belfast dance band Bal Feirste (bal meaning dance!) will also bring their unique blend of traditional Irish, Breton and French airs to ensure a night of great music, dance-sore feet and above all – great craic!

Bal Feirste formed in 2011 around a love of folk music and dance. What started as an informal session evolved into a band, composed of Irish, English and French musicians who mix Irish, French and other influences in tunes as well as in instruments. Whether you prefer romantic mazurkas to the sound of the fiddle or high-energy gavottes led by the bombarde, we are sure to have you dancing!


"Seasonal" chapeloise from our December Bal, check out the change!!

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Gouel Erwan, Naomh Yves, Brittany’s day, Fête de la Bretagne

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Music from Brittany at The Cobblestone this Sunday (26th March 2017)

More information on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BreizhEire/

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Saint-Yves 2016

After several years in Cork, our annual event will take place in Dublin City on Saturday 14 May 2016. Come and join us at the Teachers Club on Parnell Square to celebrate Breton culture, you can even learn dances from Brittany from 7pm! You will also avail of delicious crêpes to fuel you for the whole evening… Save the date!

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Breizheire activities in 2016

Join us at BreizhEire events all along the year:

Our monthly breton dances sessions at Cobblestone Pub in Dublin (last Sunday of the month)

Breton Céilí on Saturday the 14th of May 2016 in Dublin

Hillwalking activities in Ireland

Breton conversations

Supporting all breton initiatives!

Please contact us for more information at breizheire@gmail.com

Ken ar wech all!

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Fest Noz of Saint Yves – Brittany’s day at Cork

Le Fest Noz de la Fête de la Bretagne se déroulera le 17 Mai au Franciscan Well Pub à Cork

Fest Noz

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Nuit Celtique de la Fête de la Bretagne – CORK

La Fête de la Bretagne se déroulera le 17 mai à Cork cette année à partir de 20H au Franciscan Well Pub.

Fete de la Bretagne

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