– de la musique à gogo! 2 groupes venant directement de Bretagne
– de la harpe celtique
– de délicieuses crêpes et galettes
– la fameuse bière (faite maison) du Franciscan Well
– et une vrai ambiance festnoz, ici à Cork!

Au 22 Mai, Franciscan Well, Cork!


We are organising a night of music, dance and Breton Craíc in the Franciscan Well. To join the festivity, we will be bringing 2 famous groups from Brittany, one of them got the prestigious Kan ar Bobl prize this year! There will also be Celtic harp and traditional singing. And to complete this “Breton” event, we will be making our infamous “Crepes and Galettes”.

This event Fête de la Bretagne is growing every year and will also be hosted in many other countries, we are delighted to be able to bring it again to Cork!

The festivities will start on the 22nd of May in the Franciscan Well at 20.00 and the entry is €7.

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