Breton Singing Days – Videos!

Super Night at the Conradh Na Gaeilge!

Big Thanks to the Conradh, the public (nearly 200 people!), and, especially to all the volunteers that offered their help to make this night as very special night.

It is not often that we can offer this level of artistic quality, here in Ireland. A big thanks to Brigitte Kloareg, Katell Kloareg & Yann Fanch Perroches from coming all the way from Brittany and to the local band, NeKetTomTom from Galway. We would also like to acknowledge the support of the Arts Council.

It was a night like any other in Dublin, a bit of interceltic conviviality. Great participation to the dance, it looks like the monthly dancing sessions in Dublin have made a few pros!

Here are a few videos from Sylvie:

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