Breton language classes / discussions

Classes are held in Dublin and Galway depending on demand and availability. We have organised language classes and conversation sessions, usually once a week in the evening. Beginners and improvers are welcome. Please send enquiries if you are interested in joining a class or conversation session.

Breton dancing nights

We hold regular dance sessions in Dublin and Galway – see calendar for details. The dance nights are open to beginners and confirmed dancers alike; Breton dancing is about community and inclusion, anyone is welcome to join a circle or chain.

We dance on live music, traditional songs or records if there are no musicians on the day.

General annual meeting

Every year we hold a general election meeting which is followed by a dinner with volunteers and active members.

Days of the Breton language

Every year we organise a gathering around Breton language, usually concluded with a fest noz in aid of the Breton language school Diwan.

Outdoor activities

Depending on the weather (ahem) we sometimes organise picnics, hikes or games afternoons where we play traditional Breton outdoor games.

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