Irish myths and legends

The Irish tradition is rich in legends and characters with Magical powers.

Children of Lir/Enfants de Lir

This is the story of 4 young children changed into Cygne by their Stepmother. After 900 years spent on a lake, they become human and return to the kingdom where all people have died long ago. Very old, they die shortly after and are buried by a monk.

Tir Na nOg

Oisin, legendary warrior, son of Fionn Mac Cumhail, left for the Kingdom of The eternal youth Tir Na nOg. After several hundred years, he decided to leave to see his family, not realizing the time spent in this Kingdom. He is warned that if he gets down from his horse and touch the Irish ground, he will no longer be able to go Tir Na Og. In route he meets a group of men struggling to lift a heavy rock. Forgetting his promise he get down the horse, which immediately disappears! The young man is transformed into an Old man and died shortly afterwards.


They are our cousins Breton Korrigans. Small mischievous elves, it is said they hide their treasures in a pot at the foot of the rainbow.


They are old ladies dressed in white, screaming to death. If you They intend to announce the death of someone close to your family. This tradition is strangely similar with “Hurleuses of Josselin” we know in Brittany.

Fairy Trees/Fairy Rings

“You wouldn’t touch a Fairy Tree”. Partout en Irlande on retrouve ces cercles d’arbres, il est dit que des Fées/Fairies vivent au milieu de ces arbres. Toute personne qui abat un des ces arbres est poursuivie par la malédiction.