St Yves’ day in Cork

A Fest-Noz / Céilí will be held for the St Yves’ day this year in Cork.

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A Breton evening in Dublin

A Breton evening with live music and dances will be held on Thursday 19th of April  from 8.00 pm til 10.00pm at Foras na Gaeilge in Dublin (7 Merrion sq), this event organised the Celtic Congress in Ireland.

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Kenavo dit Michael

It is with great sadness that we have learnt that Michael Diskin passed away this Saturday.
Michael has been more than deeply involved in the twinning of Lorient and Galway.

Our sympathy goes to his family.

Degemerit ni ho ped, hor gourc’hemennoù a gengañv.

Reposing in the Jesuit Church on Sea Road tonight, Monday 2nd April, at 7pm.
Funeral mass at 11am on Tuesday followed by burial in Rahoon cemetary.

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Pan Celtic Festival 2012

The Pan Celtic festival will take place this year in Carlow from the 10th to the 15th of April.
We are expecting a huge crowd from Brittany this year.

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Ar Maen Du in Galway

The Galway-Sligo based band Ar Maen Du, playing traditional Breton music, will have a gig this Saturday 3rd of March at Brown Thomas (18-21 Eglinton Buildings) in Galway, from 3.00pm until 5.00pm.

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Pancake Tuesday – Mardi Gras

Thanks to the Galway-Lorient twining committee, on Tuesday 21st of February evening will be held a traditional Breton crêpe meal at the restaurant Ruz (Rouge) on Dominic street in Galway, with the band Ar Maen Du as well as Brigitte Kloareg who will be playing and singing some Breton music.

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Jean-Michel Veillon & Gilles Le Bigot on tour in Ireland

Once again Jean-Michel Veillon and Gilles Le Bigot will bring us some great shows to remember.
Gerry O’Connor will join them on the Dublin show.


Wednesday 18th of January from 7.30pm at St Patrick Trian

Thursday 19th of January from 8.30pm at Droichead Arts Centre

Friday 20th of January from 1.10pm at the Glucksman Gallery – UCC

Friday 20th of January with fiddle player Gerry O’Connor from 8.00pm at the Alliance Francaise

Saturday 21st of January from 8.00pm at the Cultúrlann
A workshop will be open for any musicians with flute or guitare at the Cultúrlann from 3.00pm


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Breton dance comes to Belfast

[BELFAST] Belle initiative d’Amelie Rougeot et David Le Bourhis, bravo a tous les participants!

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Fest Deiz & Workshops (Accordeon + Percussion) – Belfast

BreizhEire is very happy to announce its first event in Belfast, with musicians from France and the west of Ireland!

The day will start with two high-quality workshops in Madden’s Bar: percussions and accordion.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to learn from percussionist Szymon Miśniak (member of Bal Kuzest currently touring with Sharon Shannon) and discover and practice Breton rythms. Bring a bodhrán or other drum, all levels welcome.

Eric Cabedoce will introduce Breton tunes, rythms and techniques. Button boxes, concertinas and all levels welcome.

Pre-booking is advised for both workshops by contacting BreizhEire:

We will then be expecting dancers and non-dancers alike for an afternoon of dance to the sound of Breton instruments (flute, accordion, clarinet, bagpipe and bombard) in An Droichead. No need to know the dances, come and learn with us while having fun!
An Droichead doesn’t have a bar, but you can bring your own drinks.

FEST DEIZ (Breton céilí)
An Droichead (Cooke st, off Ormeau road)

Gant an Avel
Duo Lestic/Cabedoce
Price: 5£



Workshop price: 5£ (+free entrance to the Fest Deiz)
Maddens bar (74 Berry Street)

Facebook Event


Accordeon and Percussions Workshops followed by Fest Deiz





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Foxford Way – Walk/Randonnée

       Facebook Event

Ca y est c’est l’été, profitons en! Nous allons nous réunir pour une petite marche dans le Mayo (empruntant la FoxFord Way).

Rendez vous le Samedi 23 Juillet devant le Foxford Mills à 10.30. La durée de la marche est prévue de 4/5 heures. Amenez votre pique-nique et prévoyez le k-way, on ne sait jamais !

Sur Foxford et alentours, Hotels, hostels et de nombreux B&B. Pour plus de détails et logement contactez nous:

Summer is here, get the fresh air into those lungs and what better place than God’s county!

A walk will take place in Mayo using the Foxford Way

See you in front of the Foxford Mills at 10.30. This walk should take 4/5 hours. Bring your picnic and don’t forget the rain jacket, who knows 🙂

There are a few B&B, hostels and hotels around Foxford. Contact us for more info.

(And musicians, don’t forget to bring your instruments for a session, around a few pints, near the fire. Apres l’effort, le réconfort!)

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