Welcome / Fáilte!
We are some bretons and people found of Brittany living in Ireland.

We are trying to gather the Bretons and all people who likes Brittany on the “green island” around cultural activities, linguistic, to stimulate the bonds at any level between our two Celtic countries…We organise different events and regular activities trhough the year all over Ireland.BreizhEire has so far three branches, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast.


Dublin is where BreizhEire began, we established there a strong dynamic around our activities and places.

Places frequently used:
Club Chonradh na Gaeilge:
The Chonradh na Gaeilge is the Irish speaking club of Dublin centre. The Club is welcoming for several of our activities and various events which sometimes are organised jointly.
The CnG is situated on basement level (to access, go down the metal stairs) at 6 Harcourt street, next to St Stephen’s Green. It is open every day from 8.00 pm.

The Club Chonradh Na Gaeilge is a place primarily set for speaking and practicing the Irish language. It is therefore asked to anyone coming to this club to avoid speaking in English and to use primarily Irish when possible.

Monthly music & dance sessions

The monthly session is taking place every last Friday of the month from 9.00 pm at the Club Chonradh na Geailge (6 Harcourt st.). The night is an open session for dancers and musicians, becoming a small fest-noz as well as a great socialising time within BreizhEire.

Breton language classes/speaking sessions:

After having a regular session / class, we haven’t enough people to maintain this activity now, but this could start again if anyone shows interest in joining in.

From May until September we organise few afternoons where we play Breton games like Breton boules and palet, together with a picnic. This is either taking place in St Ann’s Park (Plan), or next to the Malahide Castle (Plan).


Galway is an ideal town where to live interceltism. Each year is organised a major Fest-Noz / Céili for St Patrick’s day by the very dynamic twinning committee.

Places frequently used:
Arus na nGael:

The Arus na nGael is the Irish speaking club of Galway, situated on 45 Dominic st. Open every day from 8.00 pm, you will find there Irish music sessions every Saturday night, when we don’t organise some fest-noz.

Dancing & Music sessions:

Happening every first Wednesday of each month at the Arus na nGael from 9.00 pm. It is a non-structured free class of Breton dancing, and also a great socialisation time within BreizhEire as well as the best time for musicians to play some Breton tunes.

Breton speaking sessions/classes:
These sessions are not on all the time, but check our calendar to see when we’ll have the next session / class. Or else let us know if you are interested in speaking or just learning the language.


This new section started following the first major fest-noz which we organised for the St Yves’ day in this town in 2008.

Breton speaking sessions / classes:
These sessions/classes are held every Wednesday at An Spailpin Fanach (28 South Main St) from 6.30pm. All level are welcome.


If you wish to get involved in an activity around music and dancing in Cork, please let us know!


This is the newest branch which started officially in early 2011.

Dancing & Music sessions:
These sessions are held every second Saturday of the month at Madden’s pub (74 Berry st) form 5.00pm. All are very welcome to join in as a musician or a dancer.